Our role in the ecosystem

As the point of contact between Disneyland Paris teams and startups, we make connections which are the source of the innovations. The Castle Hub is a new way to innovate and to improve our employees' and customers' experiences, by forging long lasting collaborations which create value for all.

What we’re looking for

A business relationship

Our sole purpose is to create business relationships with startups.

An already marketed, off-the-shelf solution

We are looking for off-the-shelf products or solutions that we can implement quickly without having to modify them

A stakeholder in French Tech

As the Disney brand's shop front in France, we want to promote French Tech and support the growth of French startups locally and internationally.

Specific themes

The main focus of the innovation is chosen on the basis of Disneyland Paris’ innovative challenges.

Data & Business Intelligence
Digitisation and self - service
Entertainment and shows
Industry of the future
Social and ecological innovation

Let's innovate together

To find the right startups to work with, we organise calls for startups and competitions regularly. Startups can also make themselves known by joining our pool of startups which we use to find innovative solutions that meet our need.

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